Sketch - $10

Line Art - $15

Color (No background) - $20

Color (Simple Background) - $25

Color (Elaborate Background) - $30

Comic page (Black and white) - $40 per page

Comic page (Full color) - $60 per page

Max characters for no price change: One
Pricing for More characters: $5 per character


  • Money upfront. You can pay either the full payment or half before and the other half after the piece is finished.
  • Can be 18+ just remember if its too graphic I will not be able to feature it online for quite a while. I will eventually have an age verification for this site to view 18+ works.
  • Please provide an e-mail in which I can mail you the high res. I won't be able to post high res anywhere online due to space limits and such.
  • No Scat/Water Sports.
  • Please understand that paid works do come first so freebies do get put back until the paid works are complete.
  • I don't mind re-posting of my work as long as you credit me aknowledging the work is mine. Art-theft makes me sad.
  • Payment is PAYPAL: ashley.bloss[at]
Fill out this form and tell me in detail what you would like (including background if applicable), also provide me with any references that would help for me to complete the work you are looking for.

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