A little place I call home from the various art communities and social networks I am a part of. This is where you can find all of the different works I have done as well as another outlet to be able to commission me as well.

Below is a little description of what all you can find on my website via the links I have along the top and the sides.

  • Contact: Pricing and Rules are here as well as a form you can fill out to submit for an inquiry on a commission or even just give me a friendly hello if you would like.
  • About: A bit more information about myself.
  • Links: A small collections of sites I like to visit and some images that you can use to link back to me if you'd like.
  • Original: All of the art I have done traditionally and digitally for myself and for others. Ranges of my own creations and other's characters are found here.
  • Fan: Art that I have created based on fandoms I enjoy.
  • Comics: A place for all the comics I have done. Some will have only one chapter as a preview for the series itself while some will be the entire series. There are a couple of comics that are web-base only and get updated on a regular basis. This will lead you to the comic site I have hosted on here through wordpress. There will be a link that will link you back here if you would like to return.
  • Written: Anything from fiction to romance to fan-fiction that I have written over the years for your reading pleasures.
  • Other: Anything else that does not fit in the other categories. These are mostly hand-made items and much bigger projects such as murals.
  • Gifts: Art that others have done for me over the years.